Living in the maybe!

Living In the maybe.

As a world traveler at one time, who at many times would fall asleep wherever I hung my hat.
It had became both quite cumbersome and weary, but it was what it was.
However, in retrospective and also very opinionated but some of the most affordable housing or even comfortable general living condition can be found outside of the U.S. and I am not trying to devalue what was and still can be a place of the norm.
In light of all the increase in the cost of living, increase of this cost and increase in that cost, making it a place that literary seem to push me out of their creation, my argument would seem more valid.

Maybe it’s me thinking that the living conditions here is only for the elite and maybe not the simple.
None the less, it has become almost impossible to find a right niche that can satisfy both the wallet and the conditions conducive to my imaginative lifestyle expectations, which surprisingly is very very simple. Sometimes I think I invented the word simplicity, but that’s another issue.
Maybe my expectations here were a little too high in comparisons to work rendered or maybe it is just my normal conditional expectations.
Maybe I am awaiting an invitation from someone across the horizon.

The fact is that, I have experienced much more cheaper conditions elsewhere and it can be made quite comfortable, mimicking a little taste of heaven.
I am not looking for a reason to leave but then again, maybe I am subliminally positioned to an elusive condition.
Or Maybe, it’s just me.

Oh! maybe I am just being a fusspot?
Easy for you to say.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Your feedback is required.


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