More about inventions.

More about inventions.

One of the worst inventions that man ever made was plastics. From beginning to end on manufacturing, Plastics are destructive. The raw materials as well as the byproducts are poisonous and will destroy mankind. As a matter of fact the byproducts has to be barreled and buried deep in the earth, hoping that it doesn’t leak, but it does. Initially. these byproducts were sent to the sea, it disoriented the fishes and eventually killed them. But plastics are everywhere almost in everything that we do.
Plastics takes forever to decay not in anybody’s life time anyway. They get lodged in the stomachs of fishes, eventually killing them, like I said plastics should be ban, but it is wedged so tightly in the arms of money that it would seemed impossible to remove it.
I think that we can find an alternative to plastic, try revisiting the coconut, primarily the shell maybe you can come up with something’s that is far more earth friendly, durable and lightweight.
A lot of other invention have contributed to the Hole, not in the earth but in the sky. The byproducts have destroyed the ozone layer and cause a hole there that normally would work as a shield blocking out the dangerous UV rays emitted by the sun. This shield has protected man for millions of years, if not billions, but now due to the brilliance of some of these inventions, the shield is damaged.
The universe is so well designed, but that was once upon a time. Inventions have done us good and at the same time, some inventions have done us bad.
So now there is a large hole up there and no amount of money can fix it. It takes a God to fix that.
THE QUESTION IS ; knowing the ill effects of some of these inventions, will you still want them?

By the way the hole up there would eventually kill you in many ways. Firstly it will rise the temperature of the earth and disorient all the living creatures. Secondly, It would also destroy man by exposing him to very dangerous sun rays.
May God help you all.

Be careful what you invent and you shouldn’t be proud of all inventions.


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