Stable genius ??

‪There is no such thing as a “stable genius”. All geniuses are half-cracked anyway. They quite often cross the line of sanity. ‬
Yes, the line of reality seem very blurry to them.
Genius usually have bad eating habits. Eating on the fly and extending their loose lips to things that doesn’t concern them or anyone else for that matter.
Ranting about abstract things.
Having a 3 hour conversation about why 1+1 should be 3… themselves.
Their imagination is off the charts. Seeing things that not there or never ever existed.
But every once in a while they get one right, and then they boast about it for hours.
And sometimes they even become president. Lol

Here at the lightedstairway, you just never know what we will write about next.
It could be you.

Just for laughs.


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