Stay with him

Stay with Him

Oh precious father, when my purpose here is done, I can stand before you with strength and love, knowing that I have never slipped and I stayed intact. I am weak with your love oh lord, knowing that I did not sell my soul. The satanic forces couldn’t move me lord.

Oh people! always live to prepare for the day that you would stand in front of the Heavenly Father and say worlds of confidence and obedience.

You are never too big to stand in front of Him and at the end of the day, feel free to bend your stiffened knees in your moment of silence regardless of how much you know or how much people you command or even how much people you influence. For nothing is of you but of Him.

How many times have I told you of the things that I can do in this world, it’s not of me but of Him, for without Him I am dumb as a rock. That’s why I have told you on many occasions that I have to wait on his command.
You have asked why didn’t this happen yesterday or last year, because I have to wait on His comand. That’s what obedience is all about.
Don’t worry, you are not missing anything, but look at the results when He is doing it with you.

There is a God, you just lost Him in your walk to what you thought was your precious status in life.

It’s not too late.

For I am only a messenger


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