Still on veggies?

The last topic involved home grown vegetables and its benefits to you as an apartment farmer. We have essentially discussed the possibilities of still growing a limited amount of food in an apartment or house without access to large outdoor areas.
This is two fold for seniors because it keeps them physically mobilized during these processes.
Of course, if you are in the tropics as in the “terrorist free zone” which I have identified as below the equator. To me everything above the equator seems to be in the hot zone. Maybe that’s why cruise ships are commonly traveling to the Caribbean as opposed to Europe. I am not saying that’s it is totally trouble free, but it is at the minimum as relative to Europe.
These observations have always remained constant. The tropics has its own fruits in alignment with the temperature and other geo statistical data and as expected, they are very delicious.
So we have these observation in our sight and with it, we can plan vacations or long term alternate living, thus the piece I wrote called ” living in the maybe”.
It might be too late, since many Europeans and others have already bought into tropical real estate and many have already made it their permanent homesteads.
None the less, it is worth the extra efforts.
More to come because we have yet to discuss “meat eaters” .


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