The day i met satan #1

My rampage with satan;
I knew the day would come but just didn’t know when, it was furthest from my mind. For those of you who don’t know, i met satan and the meeting was bad, Gruesome to say the least. It all started when he picked a fight by provocation and who in this here world would want to pick a fight with me. I was working on a case and the other side summons satan for me. They did because they could deal with God’s power. Like I said who would want to fight me. Have you seen God’s power? Oh perhaps you don’t know what this power does. (Another topic)
Lets put it another way, I have been in this word a very longtime and there is a reason For that. It’s was ruthless fighting and making a long story short, i am still standing. It means that everything I told you is the truth.

My blood boiled with anger, so we fought and fought and as i stand here, i can tell you that he is powerful, but i out-powered him and i out-ranked him and that’s one of the reasons why i won.
He is not someone who you want to tangle with, unless you are in good standing with God, because he would effortlessly take you.
So the fight went on and on and i kept saying to myself; you have so much evil in you. I have never seen anyone with this much evil.

Eventually he was groggy and totally disoriented. I had him on the ground as i stood there shouting words of provocation because I just wanted to destroy the evil. It was just too much! I too got carried away in the heat of the moment and chains wasn’t in my mind.

Needless to say, I was stopped at my final stroke and that was the last time the almighty God appeared and He not only stopped me from my next move but said; ” you both must co-exist in the world because the time is not yet.” I could not do anything else. When the almighty says do ; then I do. When he says stop, then I stop.
(Seven months later he said; I wouldn’t get anymore orders from Him to prevent impostors)
Anyway I can tell you that the next time i and satan fight again, darkness would befall the earth because it would be nasty, very very nasty. I know now, what I am up against.

That’s why I constantly tell everyone to stay away from all the related events of satan and to keep your hands clean. I have been telling you that now for more than two decades now. Ever since I had my first website.

During the time of Noah, God punished the world by killing many people as the water rose and covered the world and its all because of man’s disobedience.
To this date the same disobedience is occurring in the world as it climax to the next horror event similar to Noah’s time.

There is rivalry occurring all over the world, just the same and for this, the wrath of God would clean the world again.
The wrath of God is the only hammer that would bring peace to this world. No one else can, that includes no wanna-be savior.
The wrath of God is the only antidote to establish order.
The wrath of God, sadly to say will bring death to many.
The wrath of God can be considered a curse to some because of Gods greatest reoccurring plea ; obedience.
Just as how He sent down the curses during the time of Moses. He is about to do the same. So please, please change and follow the christian teaching of life and stay in obedience.

I am living proof of the almighty God and his intentions, because one of my jobs is to clean and prepare it for him. I have been doing that as quietly and as methodically as possible in an attempt to have a smooth and easy transition for you.

One way or another, the job will be done and it has already started many decades ago. so you can help me or face the His wrath.

If you knew me then, you would have always seen the heavenly father around me or a high power angel guiding me as I did my job. I am still new to the public. Please Don’t do it on your own, this is a job for the appointed and the anointed.
If I die it means you will lose because He will punish the world again by coming in with a wide broom, as per His conversation with me.
As the saying goes ; Peter will pay for Paul.

Men are so stupid sometimes and it causes them to do utter stupidness. No one can overthrow the father. I would never let that happen. Trust me on this, I know what I am talking about.
I will protect the power of the almighty with all my love and power against anyone having bright ideas.
You can always tell satanic people or satanic organization when they are doing magic to attempt someone to sell their soul and they think they can get away with it.
To them i say ; I will see you again on judgment day. I will be the one signing you out or signing you in.

Everyone has to die my friends and you will be judged on your merits or lack there of, or even your stupidity, of which you have plenty of.

If anyone was standing next to me as I watch the angels judge the people, you too would be a believer but I don’t think that you would have that opportunity, because I don’t know you.

I am just Messenger


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