The last laugh

I read on the paper that the founder of the biblical code has the last laugh.
My question is; did he really have the last laugh?
He might be rich from this but the end result is;
Is he now the same size as an Elephant and I wonder if he can pass through the eye of a needle.
Their goes his last laugh and there are many in the world who laugh at Christ and laugh at the supreme Father.
He might ague that the bible made him do it.
But he didn’t follow the teachings of Christ… in the bible.

As was written; In the final days, the people will make fun of God, make fun of Christ, make fun of the Bible, make fun of everything in heaven.
Heaven is real and Hell is real and so is Death. We all have to die and die poor, for you will be stripped of everything. Now that judgement is here once again, this is also the end of recycling. Time to go up or down.

There goes your last laugh, your laughter at God, your laughter at Christ, your laughter at the Bible, your laughter at religion. Your last laugh before …….

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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