The Mideast

Israel should remember to not to sell their soul to anyone, but remember the Almighty God. That’s who you should answer to. However, they should also be very careful of attacks, because a big one would find its mark. Their survival is directly proportional to their adhesion to God. If you slip then an attack would find it’s mark.
That’s the way God wants it; the winner would not be the ones with the most guns and bombs anymore but their relationship with God. In other words, Regardless of how much guns and bombs you have, you can still be weakened so badly close to being destroyed.
If you have problems with what i just said, it will be some price to pay. It will be like me telling you…don’t take that pill because you will die instantly. Would you like to find out?
More to come!

China is setting themselves up for total global control, putting their best people in place.


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