To Dot or not to Dot?

I want to re-address this topic which was initiated some time ago.
Man meaning logical thinkers use a strategy of sequencing. A logical deduction allows them to move to the other step. All scientific theories comes about using this method. So the dots must be connected in order to deduce.
If the dots aren’t in a sequential order them the summation will be aborted.
This is the pathway of man. There is nothing wrong with that, as a matter of fact that’s the bases of all the mechanics of science. All equations, all theories, etc..

However, the Almighty God works on a different premise. He is the commander behind everything. The method in which the Father approaches such a problem is unique and doesn’t follow a logical sequence of events.
The Father will give you the results or the summation, them the logical sequence of events prior to the summation will all fall into place.
Ain’t that pretty?

Everything in the universe that has the slightest connection with the summation will obey the Father and follow in its predetermined action or actions.
Ain’t that sweet?
How can you not love God?

Even if you are a lazy scientist, then you must love God even more, because after you have identified your results, just sit back for the prior steps to fall into place. Lol

Not so fast hombre! Of course that would never happen because that’s the work of only a God…..from the Holy Trinity and these procedures are called,…. Miracles.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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