Ultimate Power

It’s the reiteration of a topic that’s already known to many. Lucifer, better known as the light bearer was quite equipped with knowledge, which is common among Archangels as members of the Heavenly hierarchy.

His insubordination was overwhelming and such, created a rift between he and God.
So he was driven out of Heaven by God’s most severe and all-powerful Archangels and Angels. There after he was assigned a new position where he was in charged of the final disposition of lost souls. He is still active in his quest against God, as the battle between good and evil rages on.

So yes, he had knowledge but what he didn’t have, was ultimate POWER.
The one major ingredient that would rank him next to the Almighty God. It is the key to be close to God.

This factual episode is also a warning to man and their bright ideas. Ultimate POWER belong with God and God alone, and definitely NOT with man.
It takes a God to carry it.
It’s the mark that establishes you a member of the hierarchy which renders you not of man.

In the Book of Revelation, it mentioned the appointed one who is worthy. A man trusted by God among all other men and among all Angels.

You as man, may see things differently because of your short-sightedness and your burning desire to have what’s not yours.
But who are you to act against the father. The same way Lucifer did,… and look where that got him.

You may rationally concur that you can do so much better with God’s POWER.
Remember, Lucifer was kicked out for the same belief.
Your burning desire to have what you can’t handle will cost you your soul, it will destroy you and everything around you because it wasn’t meant for you. You are not wired to handle it.

The Archangels will be sent down to react against man.
So if they are sent out, expect to see death, only death, among the many.

So on earth you may run things as Lucifer does, as was thought.

You maybe of high position here on earth, but in your entry to heaven, you must stand with the dirt first, and that’s what death is all about. It will dethrone you of everything that Lucifer had thought you.

I am not disrespecting you, so don’t take this as an insult, but this system was designed long before you and your newly found position.
Death will always defeat man, regardless of what science does. At the end, death will always win. ALWAYS!
Because that’s the way… God has set it.
I speak of this from experience for I carry Ultimate Power.


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