When the father speaks

When the father speaks is a topic that I want to explore. Why? Because His statements resonates throughout the universe and finds it mark.
In my conversations with Him, which most were not by choice but by He demanding my attention, there were always points that I took away from timely observations.
For example He mentioning to me that I can’t loose regardless of what. This has stuck with me for decades. Whether I have or want to engage a confrontation or not. The mere fact that I was challenge but walked away still leaves the situation in a win win for me. After a short time, I will observe that the challenger or challengers are always a mess.
Just as He said.
The bottom line here is that; ” Don’t challenge me ” everything that I do or say will come to pass if not immediately in time. Time will change the situation from red to green right in front of your eyes to suite my statements or my wants.
If I challenge you, believe me it will come to pass that I will have you just where I want you, without any effort on my part.
These are the observations taken over decades.
Now as for me, I don’t always get what I want, but I always get what He wants for me.
So as I stand with you America as I have been through all your activities in this war, victory will be written all over our faces.
In God we Trust.
More to come…

The messenger speaks


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