Which way is up?

A few years ago, I wrote a piece telling you that the end of the world began during the final minutes on the cross over two thousand years ago. Do you remember these words; I am the beginning and the end. Think of it for a while.
Times have changed since two thousand years ago. The population has increased since. We have fast moving cars, planes and boats. We didn’t have planes and cars, but much slower boats using lots of muscle power to keep them moving. There are many new things introduced to the man, but Man themselves haven’t changed much, his spirituality stayed, didn’t climb any. It was just a steady decline to earth as if they were still spiritually falling since the Book of Genesis.
That aspect of man is not something to feel good about through the eyes of God. Man have learned many more ways to kill another man. They invented many more dangerous tools to destroy another man in groups or armies and that’s not something to write home about either.
The aliens are not very happy with you either, but it is not all of you. Some of you I would recommend with full honors, feeling one hundred percent sure and there are many of you. So Yes, I do know a thing or two about aliens.
After a…..
More to come…..


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