Who wants to be like Jesus?

So you want to be as Jesus having ” ultimate divine power”, well you have no idea the kind of beasts that you have to deal with on earth. They are called humans, that’s some Humans. They were the ones that agreed to crucify Christ way back when. So before you proclaim that you are like the Christ, think about the bad boys here on earth. It becomes a daily battle defending God’s property from these beasts and if they only had “ultimate divine power,” They would instantly go AT The supreme Father.

If satan only had “ultimate divine power,” he won’t be standing here on earth flexing it, but He would be in heaven right now looking for the throne. So please understand “ultimate divine power” with regards to the beasts on earth.
But as the father always said; I have made you invincible. So as a result as some have said; satan and Obama, “the dynamic duel” are out of gas.

NO ONE ELSE on earth can acquire this ultimate divine power, because the supreme father not only made it impossible but He has built-in devices to destroy you. So hands off!

It’s the same beastly humans who after crucifying the Christ, consequently looked at satan for the riches and glory here on earth.
Don’t be angry with me if I said that, the truth hurts. However, the Christ has a far different roll this time and maybe that’s why the supreme father has equipped Him with a sword and a ” no-nonsense mind”, Because of the beasts here on earth.
The father has given the Christ dominance over everything and every group of people. No one is special. However, Christian do have a slight edge. I have to take care of Christians first. As disorganized as they are, as troublesome as they are. I have to follow through.

Everyone is grueling and salivating over “ultimate divine power” but they will never get it, period. I am not here for that. Lets put it this way, I am actually saving your life because the supreme father will destroy you if you attempt the impossible task of trying to acquire it. In addition, the heavenly host is constantly looking after it, because this precious cargo belongs only to the Holy Trinity. That’s how heaven stay in command and rules.

So God sent the Christ back with a “no-nonsense mind” and a “bloody sword” in His mouth. That’s why I said to you that you would never see gentle Jesus again. The supreme father doesn’t want Him in that role anymore, that was done to accomplish a special task here on earth and it was done.

Anyway peace be unto to you!

I am just a messenger


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