The need for the greed!

Why is it that supernatural beings once on earth always have trouble with other people grabbing and wanting that which doesn’t belong to them?

Why is the need to feed this greed……
drive people crazy enough that they too must have supernatural power?

Why is it this need to feed the greed…
Drive them to a point of lunacy?

Why is the belief that this need to feed the greed….
Will bring them closer to God. Is it because they believe that it will give them the edge over other men?

Remember, God knows what time it is. In other words, He knows everything, even the fact that you aren’t the one and He will cast you down just the same as He did satan.
So where does that put you?

Your desire to look down and trample on other men is wrong and that desire should be out of your mind.
So, cut me some slack or else I will call you out.

Why not have the need to feed the greed…..
For repentance !

I am just a messenger, the only messenger. There is none other to come.


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