You go boy!

Trump sees everything as his success only and everyone else in the world answers to him.
You go boy!
Well, that’s his thinking, but further more, all the current activities inflates his ego allowing him to point in a direction of eliminating term limits, so he can become a complete Dictator.
You go boy!

While I sit from afar and observe.

But trump would soon see his new failures for which he have had many. So many that he seek the assistance of a foreign adversary to attain the presidency of these United States.
A country that have been at odds with America from day one. A country that have competed with America on every platform. There was once upon a time in the world, when you could have heard a pin fall, because tensions were so high and geared up for the inevitable.
If a man has to go to the enemy for help to win an election, then it tells you that your internal fibers aren’t truly American.
If that’s who you the people choose, then that’s what you live with, and everything else it comes with, and everything else to come.

See, I always thought that the presidency was an extremely respected position, but “el trumpo” in essence told me, I was wrong.
So let him steer this country and as it is right now, the direction doesn’t look good.
The future don’t look good.

Do you hear chatter trump?
Chatter of those angry Iranians who is burning the American flags.
Maybe the rise of Al-Qaeda and ISIS all over again.
Ahh! el Trumpo, your innate tantrum will kill us all.
Only time will tell.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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